August 11, 2017

Why life-time-email-addresses are a good idea, and how can help with this

When it comes to email addresses, many people tend to use providers like Gmail, GMX or Yahoo!, mainly because they are free to use. But since email addresses are important for all sorts of things – have you ever forgotten your Facebook password? – it is crucial to always be able to access your mail account. Having just a free mail account for that has proven prone to failure in the past.

Maybe you remember Lycos, or the official ePost from the German Postal Service. If you had your mail address with one of those, you probably thought you would be able to use it for the rest of your life; both services no longer exist.

The same problem occurs when you use the mail address which your internet provider kindly gives you for free. But what if you want to switch because another provider is cheaper, or you move outside of their operating area?

You probably have to change your mail address as well and have to remember all the places where you used it and change it in all those places. And if you’re no longer allowed to access your current mail address because you waited too long? Changing your address or getting password reminders for all your accounts from twitter, facebook, tumblr to flickr or linkedin suddenly became nearly impossible.

How to protect your email address?

Choosing an email provider you think will exist forever is not a good idea, though some big players like GMail probably won’t just disappear any time soon (Google terminated some of their service in the past, so you never know…).

If you want to have the same email address for your whole life, it’s a good idea to get your own domain for that. Now some people might say, having just one address, maybe even with your name in the domain, isn’t a good idea regarding privacy. But with you can add up to 40 Mail addresses per domain and use different ones for each service.

You don’t have to use your address for every website registration, but it’s still good to have one “official” email for your bank, your insurance company and other official purposes. With your own domain, you’re not bound to any provider, you can transfer it someplace else whenever you like. And having your own domain, you are not limited to just one email address – using additional aliases pointing to your postbox allows you e.g. to use something like or whenever you have to provide an email address online, and to clearly identify the source when you get spammed later ( also enables you to explicitly block such aliases).

The biggest obstacle probably is finding a domain name that suits you best and one you want to use for the rest of your life. is likely to be reserved already unless you have an exotic and not too short last name. But since there are hundreds of domain endings there is a good chance that you find one for you, your family or your business.

Why choose for your lifetime email address?

With you can choose from more than 400 domain endings like .name, .me or .email for your private mail address. Or for your company you could register .business, .catering, .cafe and many, many more. Or maybe .berlin, .me or .nrw is the right choice for you, only if you don’t plan to move of course. If available you should consider registering the corresponding .com, .net, .org domain, or a country domain like .uk, just in case. To find the perfectly matching domain name, you could first check for your name or your company’s name. You can easily check for over 400 domain endings on in one go. You could also try combination with your name and the name of the city you’re living in, like or or any other variation if your first choice is already taken.

So now you have your own domain name, but what about email addresses? With you can create up to 40 mail addresses per domain for free. It is also possible to create ‘catch all’-addresses, so that all emails sent to * are redirected to your mail account. Professional virus detection and spam protection is applied automatically so you don’t have to think about that either.

What makes this really easy is – you don’t have to change your habit of dealing with emails, you still use your current Gmail, Yahoo or other free provider. Just create an ’email address’ (email forward) for your domain, pointing to the free mail account you currently use. You can always change this, in case your free mail account ever changes, but the email address with your own domain always remains.
And domains tend to persist infinitely, as long as they’re renewed.

You can order your personal domain with here to start with your free mail addresses or you can check our domain pricelist to see which domain endings are available and fit your needs.

April 10, 2017

.FUN launch and more new Domains on

On April 5th the new Toplevel Domain (TLD) .FUN launched. .FUN is short, meaningful and, well, fun. You can register your first year of domain for only $14.99 on

Apart from that, there are a few new domains which started recently or will start soon.
.HOSPITAL is of course perfect for all hospitals. The domain is already available and costs $64.95 a year. A week from now, on April 17th, the domain endings .REALTY and .OBSERVER will go online. On April 25th the short and meaningful .ECO will launch for general availability. The .eco organization – a global non-profit organization based in Canada, was formed to represent the environmental community’s interests on the internet. Partners and collaborator are for example WWF and Greenpeace. Anyone who registers an .eco domain can become a free member of the .eco community, get involved in .eco and show everyone that they’re committed to positive change for the planet.

With .ART starts another short Domain which shows in just three letters what the website is all about. .ART is dedicated to the world of arts and culture but is not limited to websites about art. The .ART domain will be available on on May 5th.

All starting dates:

.hospital already online for $64.95/year ($38.97)
.fun already online for $29.95/year ($14.99 for the first year)
.realty starts April 17th
.observer starts April 17th
.eco starts April 25th
.art starts May 10th

You can see all available domains in our domain pricelist.

April 3, 2017

CSL GmbH takes over Domain Business from EIS AG

With, CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH became one of the most successful domain registrars in Germany. Offering best conditions with optimal handling for our customers, resellers and registrants always is and has been our first priority for acting.

After many years of cooperation with our swiss business partner EIS European Internet Service AG in Zug, the surroundings of the domain business and legal conditions have changed.
These changes have induced the board of directors of the EIS AG, to liquidate their business and offer it on behalf of the customers to CSL GmbH as a full takeover.
CSL GmbH agreed to this offer, and will therefore continue to offer domains using the CSL trademark “”, and will also continue all existing customer relationships without change.
We will also inform our customers separately in the near future.

We as CSL GmbH are thrilled to run, continuing the success and helping to further form the domain market.
We are delighted by the trust that you – our clients – place in us, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with you. Our pipeline is already full of innovative new features – please stay tuned!

Your Team of

February 23, 2017

New domain endings at

Two new domains have already gone online this year on, .archi (Architect) and .organic. In the next weeks and months, further domains will be added. .hospital (March 22nd), .fun (April 5th) .eco (April 25th) und .art (May 10th).

Additionally we expanded our domain pricelist so that upcoming domains which already have a fixed price and date will be in there as well. This way, you as a customer always know what’s new on

Do you miss a special toplevel domain on Right now there are more than 1000 domain endings and we can’t offer all of them. If you are interested in a domain ending which we don’t offer (yet), please let us know. We’re always interested to see how much demand exists for one domain ending. If a few people want it, chances are high, that we will be offering it.

.archi only $6,58 per month
.organic only $5,42 per month

September 30, 2016

New TLDs, Promos and more

Fall is upon us and with it many new TLDs and Promos.
Let’s start with what’s new on JOKER.COM:

JOKER.COM offering .FI domains

Domain Logo: .FIIt didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped for and the Registry has still some issues to be worked out, but many of you transfered your .FI domains sucessfully to us which was the first step. .FI Domains can now be managed on JOKER.COM and new domains can be registered. The price for registration will be €17.90 as of November 1st, until then our special welcome price of just €14.99 is valid.

New TLDs: .shop, .games

.SHOP and .GAMES are both new domains on JOKER.COM, having started at the end of September.
.SHOP is the top level domain for all things shopping. Whether you sell products or services, online or offline a .SHOP domain name adds meaning to your online address and is a powerful marketing tool.

.SHOP is available for only USD 3.99/month at JOKER.COM.

dot games_domain_banner

.GAMES (not to be confused with .GAME) is the ideal domain for gaming platforms, blogs and magazines about games or even for publishers or developers. Where .GAME makes most sense for download- or landingpages for a single game, .GAMES is for all sites about games in general. But not only videogames profit from a catchy .GAMES domain ending, classic games like boardgames or sports events as well can make use of a .GAMES domain.

You can get your .GAMES domain at JOKER.COM for only USD 2.00/month

Domain Promos

New in October is our .NET flashsale from Oct 11th to Oct 13th where you can get your.NET domains for only USD 4.99 for the first year. New as well and running until Dec 31st: .STUDIO, .VIDEO and .LIVE – all for only USD 12.99/1st year each.
You can order those domains here.

And you’ve probably already seen our .EU promo which isn’t special just because of the price (though €1.99 for the first year is a pretty good price, we think) but it’s also the first time ever that we’ve placed an ad in a print magazine. We chose the German tech magazine t3n for that and we’re really happy with the final result. We’ve also placed a banner on their website. What do you think? in German Magazine t3n

If you want to find more about our .EU campaign, feel free to visit our landingpage at

July 18, 2016

The NEW!

NEW Joker.comAn Era is ending – a new story begins!

We are proud to present the result of hard work and careful listening to our customers.
Welcome to the NEW!
We hope you will enjoy the new look and feel as much as we do – please tell us what you think.
The new layout not only enables us to present all functionalities in a much more intuitive way, it now also makes mobile devices work as well, and harmonizes with modern browsers.

Here’s a small preview for you:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-15 um 15.54.23

Please let us know if anything doesn’t work as expected.

and should you feel the need to travel back in time to see the old, click the fast-backward-icon in the top right corner…

April 28, 2016

New WHMCS module

Joker WHMCSWHMCS is a popular web hosting and automation solution, which includes billing and support options.
If you are using WHMCS for your hosting activities, you may now interface with WHMCS’ domain functionality to easily order and manage domains from within WHMCS. maintains a comprehensive registrar module for WHMCS, which offers a great load of features to interface seamlessly from within WHMCS.

The following registrar core functionality is provided:

  • register domains
  • initiate transfers
  • perform renewals
  • allow viewing and changing of nameservers
  • allow viewing and changing of WHOIS information of domains
  • usable with any TLD offers

Additionally, also these features are provided:

  • create/edit email forwards
  • create/edit dns records for joker-ns
  • fetch auth id
  • sync of expiration date
  • reseller credits on WHMCS dashboard
  • order whois privacy protection with domain registration, transfer and renewal
  • switch easily between production and testing environment (OT&E)

Please refer to our FAQ for installation and usage details.

April 28, 2016

These are the 10 most popular new TLDs ranked by traffic

Registration numbers are an important indicator of interest, but there is more than that when comes to domains – this is true for both the classic TLDs and the new TLDs. Some domain ending seems popular if you look at the number of registrations, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality.

Brand protection company and domain registrar, Corporate Service Company (CSC), took a look on how gTLDS are being used and how popular each gTLD is. By looking at just the number of registrations, the domains popular in China dominate the list with .xyz, .top, .wang and .网址 on top of the list.

CSC now compiled an alternative list ranked by the number of domains in the Alexa 1M – a ranking of the million most popular websites on the web measured by traffic. How many of the new TLDs can be found in this list and which are most popular?

According to CSC, the alternative top 10 of new new gTLD is as follows:


This might come as a surprise since .media for example has a registration volume of just 23.000 (February 2016) while .xyz had nearly 2 million registrations when this report was first published. The strongest gTLD by registration volume is .space in this list but it’s still below .global and .social according to popularity.

All in all, around 8000 of Alexa’s million most popular websites have a new gTLD. That’s not even 1% but according to CSC, the number increased 16% since their last report – the acceptance of the many new TLDs is definitely growing and more and more corporations or individuals use them as an alternative.

You can see CSC’s complete report here (PDF)

January 27, 2016

New TLDS in Q1 2016

Nearly every day new TLDs are available and not every Domain Registrar can offer all of them. We at try to offer our customers all interesting new TLDs without overwhelming them with to many choices. That being said, these 12 TLDs are new or will be new in the coming months.

.feedback – starts January 18th, 14.00 UTC
.car, .cars and .auto – starts January 20th, 16.00 UTC
.family – starts January 20th, 17.00 UTC
.theatre – starts January 27th, 14.00 UTC
.security and .protection – starts January 27th, 14.00 UTC
.wine and .vin – starts January 27th, 16.00 UTC
.pet – starts February 23rd, 16.00 UTC
.bet – starts March 3rd, 16.00 UTC

It doesn’t matter if you want to create a site where people leave feedback for a product or service, a blog for your family, a car magazine or a homepage for your pet – we got you covered, no matter what.

You can check the prices for all available TLDs in our domain pricelist or you can check the availability for any domain directly on our order page.