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How to stop worrying and start growing your business

Guest Post by Alisha Shibli The rigors of entrepreneurship can be stressful enough to put you in a serious funk. As a result, more often than not entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with the fear of failure. It is a persistent fear that makes you want to quit and go back to doing what you used…
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What is WHMCS, and how to use it with

WHMCS is a popular web hosting and automation solution, which includes billing and support options. WHMCS can help you with sending invoices and collecting payments for all domain related things, and it can be used for registering and managing domains through many domain registrars and all major web hosting control panels. You can learn more…
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How to grant domain permissions to others?

Many users register domains not only for themselves but for others as well – family, friends, colleagues or customers. It is often wanted or needed that these users can access, and to a certain degree, manage their domains. For that, customers can grant roles and permissions to other users. Roles and Permissions You always…
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Your Domain’s WHOIS and how to protect your Privacy

Usually data like the registrant’s name or address are openly available through the WHOIS service. This can be a problem, because spammers can harvest the mail addresses. Even if you were to use a separate mail address for your WHOIS data, your full address and phone number is required by ICANN to be public as…
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Why life-time-email-addresses are a good idea, and how can help with this

When it comes to email addresses, many people tend to use providers like Gmail, GMX or Yahoo!, mainly because they are free to use. But since email addresses are important for all sorts of things – have you ever forgotten your Facebook password? – it is crucial to always be able to access your mail…
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