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Should you be customer-centric or brand-centric for greater success?

Imagine being in a group of people. Who will you be more inclined to have a conversation with – Jack Smith who is only talking about himself or Chloe Barnes who is interacting with other people, patiently listening to what they say and responding in a genuine manner? Chances are you will be more inclined…
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Seasons Greetings From

The whole team of thanks you for your ongoing support in 2015 and wishes you all happy holidays, a peaceful turn of the year and a good start into 2016. Your team of

Start of the new .IRISH domain

Ireland already had its own TLD (Top Level Domain) .ie but the global irish community spreads far across the world, mostly in North America. Those Irishmen- and women all around the globe can now show their affinity with being Irish as well as any business who consider themselves being Irish by registering a .IRISH domain.…
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