April 10, 2017

.FUN launch and more new Domains on Joker.com

On April 5th the new Toplevel Domain (TLD) .FUN launched. .FUN is short, meaningful and, well, fun. You can register your first year of any.fun domain for only $14.99 on Joker.com.

Apart from that, there are a few new domains which started recently or will start soon.
.HOSPITAL is of course perfect for all hospitals. The domain is already available and costs $64.95 a year. A week from now, on April 17th, the domain endings .REALTY and .OBSERVER will go online. On April 25th the short and meaningful .ECO will launch for general availability. The .eco organization – a global non-profit organization based in Canada, was formed to represent the environmental community’s interests on the internet. Partners and collaborator are for example WWF and Greenpeace. Anyone who registers an .eco domain can become a free member of the .eco community, get involved in .eco and show everyone that they’re committed to positive change for the planet.

With .ART starts another short Domain which shows in just three letters what the website is all about. .ART is dedicated to the world of arts and culture but is not limited to websites about art. The .ART domain will be available on Joker.com on May 5th.

All starting dates:

.hospital already online for $64.95/year ($38.97)
.fun already online for $29.95/year ($14.99 for the first year)
.realty starts April 17th
.observer starts April 17th
.eco starts April 25th
.art starts May 10th

You can see all available domains in our domain pricelist.

April 3, 2017

CSL GmbH takes over Domain Business from EIS AG

With Joker.com, CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH became one of the most successful domain registrars in Germany. Offering best conditions with optimal handling for our customers, resellers and registrants always is and has been our first priority for acting.

After many years of cooperation with our swiss business partner EIS European Internet Service AG in Zug, the surroundings of the domain business and legal conditions have changed.
These changes have induced the board of directors of the EIS AG, to liquidate their business and offer it on behalf of the customers to CSL GmbH as a full takeover.
CSL GmbH agreed to this offer, and will therefore continue to offer domains using the CSL trademark “Joker.com”, and will also continue all existing customer relationships without change.
We will also inform our customers separately in the near future.

We as CSL GmbH are thrilled to run Joker.com, continuing the success and helping to further form the domain market.
We are delighted by the trust that you – our clients – place in us, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with you. Our pipeline is already full of innovative new features – please stay tuned!

Your Team of Joker.com