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New Data Escrow Provider for

As you may know, – like all ICANN-accredited registrars – is required to hold the domain data we manage in a secure environment in trust. This ensures that even in the event of serious problems with a registrar, the domain data remains accessible in an emergency and the domain assignments are retained. For this…
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Your Domain’s WHOIS and how to protect your Privacy

Usually data like the registrant’s name or address are openly available through the WHOIS service. This can be a problem, because spammers can harvest the mail addresses. Even if you were to use a separate mail address for your WHOIS data, your full address and phone number is required by ICANN to be public as…
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2-Factor-Authentication on

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA)┬álets people identify themselves more securely by adding a second layer of security. This isn’t a new invention, you probably do it all the time when you use your credit card and your PIN to get cash from the ATM at the corner. On the web, two-factor authentication is mostly…
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