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News from Joker.com Domains

Big .EU Promotion on Joker.com

Until November 30th you can register 1,2 or 3 years of .EU domains for only €3.33 per domain year. Is your country TLD (.de, .be, .nl, .at…) already taken? Do you own a business that operates across all of Europe? Why not go with a .EU domain for over 50 countries at once? Check out…
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New TLDs, Promos and more

Fall is upon us and with it many new TLDs and Promos. Let’s start with what’s new on JOKER.COM: JOKER.COM offering .FI domains It didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped for and the Registry has still some issues to be worked out, but many of you transfered your .FI domains sucessfully to us which…
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