September 5, 2017

Your Domain’s WHOIS and how to protect your Privacy

Usually data like the registrant’s name or address are openly available through the WHOIS service.
This can be a problem, because spammers can harvest the mail addresses. Even if you were to use a separate mail address for your WHOIS data, your full address and phone number is required by ICANN to be public as well.

Spam can be annoying, but having your real home address published can be a lot more than that, even dangerous, depending on what your website is about or where you live. There are endless reasons for people wanting to have websites but not exposing their personal data on the web.

Many domain registries allow to hide the WHOIS data through privacy providers. Instead of having your personal data exposed, the privacy provider acts as a proxy and publishes their own data.
You will still receive important mails concerning your domain, and if legal issues should occur, the provider is of course obliged to provide the real data.
Though your data is still secured against spamming, stalking or identity theft.
To check if domain privacy is available for a specific domain ending, please have a look into our domain pricelist. Privacy enabled domains are marked with the symbol .

Domain WHOIS Privacy
WHOIS data without and with domain privacy offers two kinds of domain privacy, Basic and Pro.
If you activate WHOIS privacy for your domains, private data like your address and email will no longer be publicly visible.
Whois Privacy Privacy Basic protects the address and the e-mail, but leaves the registrant’s name visible.
Privacy Pro also protects the name.

WHOIS Privacy can be easily added during the order process in the shopping cart, or in your domain overview for existing domains.

Choose privacy for your domains in your domain dashboard
Choose privacy for your domains in your domain dashboard

The prices for those two options are as follows:

  • Privacy Basic: USD 0.89/year*
  • Privacy Pro: USD 1.49/year*

(*VAT may apply for private customers from the EU)

You can add your privacy option of choice during the order process.
Privacy options are also available for existing domains, transfers and with renewals.
Please find all details on how to enable privacy for your domains in our FAQ. More information about pricing, periods and additional examples of how privacy works, can be found on

August 19, 2015

Secure your Domain Privacy with our new Whois Privacy Feature

Most registries, as well as registrars like, require by their policies and Terms & Conditions, that registrants provide accurate, complete and current personal data, that is made publicly available on the internet by the WHOIS service. This is also a binding requirement set by ICANN.

This WHOIS service is available to everyone, and usually includes the name, street address and email addresses of the registrant. The use of incorrect, incomplete or fake data is a violation of the registration agreement of the related registry and EIS AG, and may lead to the deletion of the related domain name (please also see 5.c/11.d of T&C).

To protect a registrant from abuse of his data, through EIS AG provides privacy protection services, effectively shielding his information and keeping his data confidential. By using these services, the registrant is represented by alternate contact data provided by EIS AG, while remaining compliant to the registration policies.
The registrant’s own data will still be maintained and escrowed by, to secure the registrant’s ownership of the domain, and to ensure the compliance to ICANN’s and registry’s policies.

Here is an example of what privacy service means to a domain name’s public Whois output: WHOIS Privacy

Please find all details, conditions and the Acceptable Use Policy here:
Prices are available here: Pricelist

For additional information, please have a look at our FAQ

Pricing Examples

Standard prices for WHOIS privacy are: $1.49/year for privacy basic (address is hidden, but not the registrant’s name) and $2.49/year for privacy pro (all of the registrant’s data is hidden).
When privacy services are purchased for already existing domain names, either as an option during renewal of a domain, or as an additional option for an existing domain name, the term of the privacy service will automatically be synchronized with the term of the domain name. Terms of less than 6 months will be rounded down, above this will be rounded up and charged as an additional year.
Let’s say a .com domain of you has a remaining term of 5 months, and you want to transfer it to, and you choose privacy basic for the transfer.
This would result into

mandatory 1 year renewal with transfer: USD 13.70
optional 1 year privacy basic service: USD 1.49
result – 1 year additional domain term, and 17 months of privacy USD 15.19

See more examples in our FAQ

To order Domain Privacy just order a domain like you normally would and click add privacy in your shopping cart. You can then choose basic or pro. To add privacy to your existing domains, just log into your and modify a domain. There you can purchase privacy basic or privacy pro.