August 11, 2017

Why life-time-email-addresses are a good idea, and how can help with this

When it comes to email addresses, many people tend to use providers like Gmail, GMX or Yahoo!, mainly because they are free to use. But since email addresses are important for all sorts of things – have you ever forgotten your Facebook password? – it is crucial to always be able to access your mail account. Having just a free mail account for that has proven prone to failure in the past.

Maybe you remember Lycos, or the official ePost from the German Postal Service. If you had your mail address with one of those, you probably thought you would be able to use it for the rest of your life; both services no longer exist.

The same problem occurs when you use the mail address which your internet provider kindly gives you for free. But what if you want to switch because another provider is cheaper, or you move outside of their operating area?

You probably have to change your mail address as well and have to remember all the places where you used it and change it in all those places. And if you’re no longer allowed to access your current mail address because you waited too long? Changing your address or getting password reminders for all your accounts from twitter, facebook, tumblr to flickr or linkedin suddenly became nearly impossible.

How to protect your email address?

Choosing an email provider you think will exist forever is not a good idea, though some big players like GMail probably won’t just disappear any time soon (Google terminated some of their service in the past, so you never know…).

If you want to have the same email address for your whole life, it’s a good idea to get your own domain for that. Now some people might say, having just one address, maybe even with your name in the domain, isn’t a good idea regarding privacy. But with you can add up to 40 Mail addresses per domain and use different ones for each service.

You don’t have to use your address for every website registration, but it’s still good to have one “official” email for your bank, your insurance company and other official purposes. With your own domain, you’re not bound to any provider, you can transfer it someplace else whenever you like. And having your own domain, you are not limited to just one email address – using additional aliases pointing to your postbox allows you e.g. to use something like or whenever you have to provide an email address online, and to clearly identify the source when you get spammed later ( also enables you to explicitly block such aliases).

The biggest obstacle probably is finding a domain name that suits you best and one you want to use for the rest of your life. is likely to be reserved already unless you have an exotic and not too short last name. But since there are hundreds of domain endings there is a good chance that you find one for you, your family or your business.

Why choose for your lifetime email address?

With you can choose from more than 400 domain endings like .name, .me or .email for your private mail address. Or for your company you could register .business, .catering, .cafe and many, many more. Or maybe .berlin, .me or .nrw is the right choice for you, only if you don’t plan to move of course. If available you should consider registering the corresponding .com, .net, .org domain, or a country domain like .uk, just in case. To find the perfectly matching domain name, you could first check for your name or your company’s name. You can easily check for over 400 domain endings on in one go. You could also try combination with your name and the name of the city you’re living in, like or or any other variation if your first choice is already taken.

So now you have your own domain name, but what about email addresses? With you can create up to 40 mail addresses per domain for free. It is also possible to create ‘catch all’-addresses, so that all emails sent to * are redirected to your mail account. Professional virus detection and spam protection is applied automatically so you don’t have to think about that either.

What makes this really easy is – you don’t have to change your habit of dealing with emails, you still use your current Gmail, Yahoo or other free provider. Just create an ’email address’ (email forward) for your domain, pointing to the free mail account you currently use. You can always change this, in case your free mail account ever changes, but the email address with your own domain always remains.
And domains tend to persist infinitely, as long as they’re renewed.

You can order your personal domain with here to start with your free mail addresses or you can check our domain pricelist to see which domain endings are available and fit your needs.

August 28, 2015

Launch of the new TLD .online, only $24.99

As of now the new TLD .online is available for registration at

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Why pick .online?

  • It’s meaningful and makes sense: It addresses the core reason why you buy domain, ‘to’
  • Universal & Versatile: No matter what your need is, .online is perfect to take your business, your marketing plan, your portfolio, anything you want .online!
  • Understood in 24+ languages: No matter which part of the world you and your customers are from, .online is understood across the globe
  • Millions already use ‘online’ 1 million+ existing domains have the term ‘online’. Users are already familiar with the term and use it as a filler while registering domains

You can get your .online domain starting today on for only $49.90 $24.99 for the first year of registration.

August 19, 2015

Secure your Domain Privacy with our new Whois Privacy Feature

Most registries, as well as registrars like, require by their policies and Terms & Conditions, that registrants provide accurate, complete and current personal data, that is made publicly available on the internet by the WHOIS service. This is also a binding requirement set by ICANN.

This WHOIS service is available to everyone, and usually includes the name, street address and email addresses of the registrant. The use of incorrect, incomplete or fake data is a violation of the registration agreement of the related registry and EIS AG, and may lead to the deletion of the related domain name (please also see 5.c/11.d of T&C).

To protect a registrant from abuse of his data, through EIS AG provides privacy protection services, effectively shielding his information and keeping his data confidential. By using these services, the registrant is represented by alternate contact data provided by EIS AG, while remaining compliant to the registration policies.
The registrant’s own data will still be maintained and escrowed by, to secure the registrant’s ownership of the domain, and to ensure the compliance to ICANN’s and registry’s policies.

Here is an example of what privacy service means to a domain name’s public Whois output: WHOIS Privacy

Please find all details, conditions and the Acceptable Use Policy here:
Prices are available here: Pricelist

For additional information, please have a look at our FAQ

Pricing Examples

Standard prices for WHOIS privacy are: $1.49/year for privacy basic (address is hidden, but not the registrant’s name) and $2.49/year for privacy pro (all of the registrant’s data is hidden).
When privacy services are purchased for already existing domain names, either as an option during renewal of a domain, or as an additional option for an existing domain name, the term of the privacy service will automatically be synchronized with the term of the domain name. Terms of less than 6 months will be rounded down, above this will be rounded up and charged as an additional year.
Let’s say a .com domain of you has a remaining term of 5 months, and you want to transfer it to, and you choose privacy basic for the transfer.
This would result into

mandatory 1 year renewal with transfer: USD 13.70
optional 1 year privacy basic service: USD 1.49
result – 1 year additional domain term, and 17 months of privacy USD 15.19

See more examples in our FAQ

To order Domain Privacy just order a domain like you normally would and click add privacy in your shopping cart. You can then choose basic or pro. To add privacy to your existing domains, just log into your and modify a domain. There you can purchase privacy basic or privacy pro.

April 30, 2015

Go .global

.GLOBAL provides instant, worldwide recognition for brands with a borderless strategy – whatever their size.


.GLOBAL gives organisations large and small a name that broadcasts and identifies them as global entities, operating on a universal scale. .GLOBAL takes the top position in a business domain hierarchy unifying all geographic and sub-TLDs under one global umbrella for the ultimate universal coverage.

.GLOBAL offers a trusted space entirely dedicated to existing and aspiring brands that aim to reach a market that transcends geographic and commercial borders.

Get your global domain now at for only €1.52/month ($1.66/month). These special promo prices are only valid between 1st and 3st of May 2015.

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Or get more info about .global

March 23, 2015

New .nrw domains available for registration tomorrow

Starting from tomorrow the new TLD (topleveldomain) for the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen – NRW (or North Rhine-Westphalia) – will be available for everyone living in NRW. The price for endcustomers will be € 49.90 per year, reseller prices start at € 29.94 per year.

.NRW is available for registration for

  • Individuals with residence in the postal code area of the federal state of North Rhine- Westphalia
  • Individuals that have place of business in connection with self-employment or freelance work in the postal code area of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Entities that have place of business in the postal code area of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Get your .NRW domain name now!

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March 20, 2015

.ME is about YOU

Maybe you saw it already on or our Facebook/Twitter page – we have a special offer for .me domains for you in March and April. End customers only pay € 5.55 a year for registration, transfer and renewal of any .me domain name. Price for our resellers are lower as usual and start from € 3.33.

Go check out our .me landingpage where you can get all the information regarding this promo or go directly to to check if your desired domain name is still available.