2-Factor-Authentication on Joker.com

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2-Factor-Authentication on Joker.com

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA)┬álets people identify themselves more securely by adding a second layer of security. This isn’t a new invention, you probably do it all the time when you use your credit card and your PIN to get cash from the ATM at the corner.
On the web, two-factor authentication is mostly provided by smartphones. The user types in their password but needs a second device which has been registered previously to unlock their account.

This Two-Factor-Authentication on Joker means, that you will not only need your username and password, but also an additional, individual and constantly changing code, which is provided by an independent device such as your smart phone.
These two factors – the password, you know, and the smart phone, you have – add an additional layer of security against theft of credentials or dictionary attacks.

Once enabled, you will need a six-digit security code in addition to your password, whenever you log in to Joker.com.
To generate these security codes, you will need a device for this. One of the most common and practical options for this purpose is using a mobile app for your smartphone. Those are usually free of charge, but any device or app which is capable of talking the TOTP protocol should work as well. Here is an incomplete list of some apps:
Google Authenticator (Android, iOS, Blackberry)
Amazon AWS Virtual MFA (Android)
Authenticator (Windows Phone)
Authentikator (Chrome Browser – do not use on same machine!)

These are just some examples, please choose an app that you feel comfortable and secure with.

During the short procedure to enable two-factor-authentication, you will receive a special 16-digit recovery code.
It is very important that you write this key down and store it somewhere safe.
If you ever lose your phone, or can’t receive or generate a security code, you will need this recovery code for emergency access to Joker.com.

Please log into your Joker.com account and choose to activate or deactivate two-factor authentication in your Service zone.

Be aware that once you lost access to your smartphone and lost your recovery code as well, you will no longer be able to access your account. Please contact our support team in this case.