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New domain endings at

Two new domains have already gone online this year on, .archi (Architect) and .organic. In the next weeks and months, further domains will be added. .hospital (March 22nd), .fun (April 5th) .eco (April 25th) und .art (May 10th).

Additionally we expanded our domain pricelist so that upcoming domains which already have a fixed price and date will be in there as well. This way, you as a customer always know what’s new on

Do you miss a special toplevel domain on Right now there are more than 1000 domain endings and we can’t offer all of them. If you are interested in a domain ending which we don’t offer (yet), please let us know. We’re always interested to see how much demand exists for one domain ending. If a few¬†people want it, chances are high, that we will be offering it.

.archi only $6,58 per month
.organic only $5,42 per month