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May 11, 2015

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.GLOBAL provides instant, worldwide recognition for brands with a borderless strategy – whatever their size.

.GLOBAL gives organisations large and small a name that broadcasts and identifies them as global entities, operating on a universal scale. .GLOBAL takes the top position in a business domain hierarchy unifying all geographic and sub-TLDs under one global umbrella for the ultimate universal coverage.

.GLOBAL offers a trusted space entirely dedicated to existing and aspiring brands that aim to reach a market that transcends geographic and commercial borders.

Register your .GLOBAL domain now for only $ 1.66/month ($ 19.90/year) (old price was USD 98.90. Reseller prices start at USD 11.94) at


.RUHR’s first birthday

It’s been over one year alreday since .RUHR, the domain for the Ruhrgebiet in Germany got accepted by ICANN. In celebration of this historic moment, you can get your .ruhr domain now for only EUR 9.90 (Resellers down to 5.94) for the first year. Show your affinity for the Ruhrgebiet and get your .RUHR now at

.SCIENCE, .WEBCAM and .PARTY for only $ 1.99

The new .SCIENCE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) is the first choice location for people who wish to gain access to scientific information and services. Owners of the .SCIENCE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) include qualified scientists, other science-related professionals, science focused educational institutions and all others with science-related products and services to offer.

Promo price of USD 38.95 USD 1.99 (Reseller prices start at USD 1.19) available from 05/11 until 07/27.

Get your .SCIENCE at

Available as well with for the same conditions as .SCIENCE: .WEBCAM and .PARTY. Go check them out!

Get your .WEBSITE



Truly generic, Infinite Possibilities

Intuitive, meaningful & self-explanatory, .website perfectly embodies one’s online identity

.website is the perfect choice for anyone to get online with a brandable & memorable domain name that is synonymous with the internet and is recognized globally.

Promo price of USD 29.90 USD 11.98 (Reseller prices start at USD 7.19) available until 07/31.

Get your .WEBSITE now on

.INFO starting at only USD 1.74

In July we are able to offer you a special promo price for .INFO domains.

You can register up to 10 .INFO domains per registrant each day for only USD 2.90 (with a best reseller price of only USD 1.74).

This promo is only for first year creates and only valid from July 1st to July 31st.

Get your .INFO now on

Current Promotions and Pricing

New and ongoing Promotions

We again have been able to prolong quite a bunch of promotions, and we’re also providing some new ones – please check them out!

Promotions – Now & New


Ending Price Retail / Reseller
 .global   05/31/2015  USD 19.90 / 11.94 (1st year creates)
 .ruhr   05/31/2015  EUR 9.90 / 5.94 (all creates, renewals and transfers)
 .de   05/31/2015  EUR 4.95 / 2.97 (all creates, renewals and transfers)
 .space   07/31/2015  EUR 4.98 / 2.99 (1st year creates)
 .website   07/31/2015  USD 11.98 / 7.19 (1st year creates)
 .info   05/31/2015  EUR 4.95 / 2.97 (1st year creates)
 .me   06/30/2015  USD 9.90 / 5.94 (1st year creates)
 .red   05/31/2015  USD 14.95 / 8.97 (1st year creates)
 .blue   05/31/2015  USD 14.95 / 8.97 (1st year creates)
 .pink   05/31/2015

 USD 14.95 / 8.97 (1st year creates)

 .black   05/31/2015  USD 14.95 / 8.97 (1st year creates)
 .sc   05/31/2015  USD 49.90 / 29.94 (1st year creates)
 .mobi   05/31/2015  USD 9.90 / 5.94 (1st year creates)
 .be   05/31/2015  EUR 5.95 / 3.57 (all creates, renewals and transfers)
 .ch   05/31/2015  EUR 9.99 / 5.99 (all creates, renewals and transfers)
 .li   05/31/2015  EUR 9.995.99 (all creates, renewals and transfers)
 .nl   05/31/2015  EUR 6.95 / 4.17 (all creates, renewals and transfers)
 .science   06/30/2015  USD 1.99 / 1.19 (1st year creates)
 .party   06/30/2015  USD 1.99 / 1.19 (1st year creates)
 .webcam   06/30/2015  USD 1.99 / 1.19 (1st year creates)

Here you can find our full pricelist as well as all our current promos.

Price increase for .info

Unfortunately, transfer and renewal prices for .info have been increased at May 1st. Right now we still offer our low price of USD 13.20 for two more months but we have to adapt our pricing from July, 1st on to USD 14.90 /  USD 8.76.

Thank you very much for your support,

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